Best Car Disposal Services in Brisbane

If you want to get rid of an old or wrecked automobile, Wrecked Car Removal can help. We are a vehicle disposal centre and we assist with auto removals and take your old, broken-down vehicle off your hands. If you are looking for the best car disposal service then reach us for more details.

Wrecked Car Removal is an auto removal company that will take your car and pay you in cash. They will buy any make or model and pay you cash on the spot for your old, damaged, or unwanted automobile. You can hire us for car disposal in Rocklea.

Hire Professional Car Disposal Company in Brisbane

This is a fantastic and convenient option to get rid of cars you no longer want. Car disposal is a popular option for many people who have vehicles that are extremely old. You may have no use for the car anymore, but you can’t just leave it on the side of the road. There are various ways that you can dispose of a car properly. You can also hire professional car disposal in Brisbane.

The last stage in the life cycle of an automobile is its disposal and recycling. Draining the waste fluids from old vehicles onto the ground is hazardous but that exactly what many scrap dealers do.

Many other parts such as the materials like steel can be recycled and reused. You can also get in touch with us for car disposal services in Rocklea and Brisbane.

With top cash quotation offers, we provide you with a wonderful option to transform your car into cash that you need. Contact us now!!

How To Prepare A Vehicle For Disposal?

Prior to disposal, the vehicle must have all the fluids drained and batteries removed.

  • Batteries – Must be removed.
  • Fuel Tank Gas – Must be removed.
  • Crankcase Oil – Plug must be removed and all oil drained.
  • Brake Fluid – Master cylinder reservoir must be empty and at least one brake line disconnected.
  • Transmission Fluid – Transmissions, transaxles, and transfer cases must be drained of all fluids.
  • Rear End Differential – Axle housing must be drained of all oil, cover plates and drain plugs removed.
  • Radiator – Lower radiator hose should be disconnected and the radiator drained